Friday, October 17, 2014

Balloons and Sizes of Proposed Development

Here's a panorama picture taken from above the intersection of Las Cimas and Loop 360. The arrows indicate where the balloons were at about 11 am yesterday. You can see in comparison to the four story building in Las Cimas why I think that the balloons were too low. I know perspective changes relative sizes but they seem so far off from what they should be.

On the other hand the relative sizes of the two buildings appear to be proportional to the actual difference in heights. Only a corner of the garage was visible from this vantage point.

Also I couldn't show the Cousins building at Loop 360 and Bee Cave Rd. from this same vantage point. I would have had to take some risk of my aged body to make my way above the intersection of Loop 360 and Bee Cave Rd. to get the same perspective on both.

Here are two other perspectives.

A panorama from Loop 360 almost directly across from the proposed building.

Again the building next to the tract in this photo is 3 stories (I think) and the proposed 7 story building doesn't look much bigger, even though it is closer to the camera position.

And, one from Boulder Park.

If you click on the images you can get an enlarged view.

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