Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Perspective on How the Buildings Might Look

As I have stated earlier, photographic or graphic perspectives on how a building might look on hilly terrain to the neighborhood are tricky. Cameras and drawings can't match the eye exactly. Those of us who have attempted such things that have been reported in this blog are careful attempts, hopefully, not biased attempts to help residents "see" what might become. Here's another attempt.

I took the following two pictures with the same camera at the same focal length, each about 2,200 feet from the building or proposed building site - one of Cielo Center and the other of the Marshall Tract. Cielo Center is a six story building with 270,00 square feet of space. I don't know what Cousins will finally propose but the earlier proposal was two buildings - 5 and 7 story. The final image is a map showing the approximate camera location and view.

I'll leave up to the reader to visualize for their selves what the buildings might look like.

Cousins' perspectives on how the two buildings would look from various perspectives are now available on the Lost Creek Neighborhood Association's web site. Click here to view the slide presentation. Below is one perspective from further west on Lost Creek Blvd. The picture was created with a different camera with a different focal length from a different perspective.

The drawing bellow compares the perspectives of the two sets of images. In the two pictures I took, I was about 2200 feet from the building and the field of view was about 40 degrees. The Cousins perspective is about 1200 feet from the largest building, and a 65 degree field of view.

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