Thursday, September 25, 2014

Participation in the Development Review Process

With respect to Cousins proposed development of the Marshall Tract, there are five classes of citizens in Lost Creek:

  • Those that live within 200 feet of the Marshall Tract
  • Those that live within 500 feet of the Marshall Tract
  • Those that belong to the LCNA and attend the meetings
  • Those who belong to LCNA but do not attend the meetings
  • Those that do not belong to LCNA

And in some of these classes their a distinction between being a property owner and a tenant who pays utility bills, and possibly whether they are a citizen of Austin. And, often in communication with LCNA, only people with valid e-mail address get notifications. LCNA information about the project is available to LCNA members on their website.The city sends notices by mail only to people living within 500 feet of the property and civic environmental organization with interests in the property.

Outside of the neighborhood there are others who can have a voice including other neighborhoods, and civic and environmental organizations with an interest in the property.

Each has specific rights and responsibilities. All should participate in fact based discussions and make up their own minds about the Cousins proposed development of the Marshall Tract. And everyone should voice their opinions and have access to the mechanism to express that voice.

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