Friday, September 19, 2014

Zoning of Marshall Tract in Context of Other Loop 360 Properties

The City of Austin's Development Web Map ( a GIS) is a great tool to look at many aspects of a parcel of land. For this exercise, I chose to look at the zoning of land along Loop 360. Each tract of land is color coded as to its present zoning. It takes three images to see all of Loop 360. What I suspected, and confirmed, by these images is that the Marshall Tract is presently zoned compatible to all the other land (SF2) along the Hill Country Scenic Highway. No other residential area has office development intrusive to the neighborhood. The closest analogy is South Wild Basin Rd. There is a deep LO development between Loop 360 and the start of residential development in Rob Roy. But there is no intrusion into the residential development.

The maps are color coded. The most important ones for this exercise are:
  • Single Family - Large Lot (SF1): Medium Purple
  • Single Family - Standard Lot (SF2): Medium Brown
  • Family Residence: Light Brown
  • LO - Limited Office: Pale Purple
  • PUD - Planned Unit Development: Grey
  • I-RR - Interim Rural Residence: Deep Purple
Loop 360 North

Loop 360 Central
Loop 360 South

Another observation is that there are a lot of PUDs along Loop 360. That makes it very difficult to determine the degree of compatibility with neighboring property because each PUD has its own ordinance defining what the internal zoning actually is.

If you want to see the entire Loop 360, view the image below, or download the image by clicking here.

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