Saturday, August 30, 2014

Information on Public Hearings

From Planning Commission Comment Form

Zoning Change - What Are the Notification Requirements?

The Applicant and his designated agent, as well as property owners, renters and utility account holders, registered neighborhood associations, community groups and environmental interest groups located within 500 feet of the zoning change are mailed an initial notice of filing within 14 days of application submittal. The notice includes the applicant's contact information, descriptions of the existing and proposed zoning, and Staff contact information. Subsequent notice(s) identifying the date and time of the Land Use Commission and City Council meetings are also mailed prior to these public hearings. Signs which identify the case number are also posted on all properties under zoning review.

Approximate Boundaries: 500 feet from property

There are about 60 homes within 500 feet of the property as well as several office buildings.

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