Saturday, August 23, 2014

Marshall Family and Land History

This a short history of the Marshall Tract being considered for development by Cousins Properties. It was developed by extracting sections of the book Eanes: Portrait of a Community by Linda Vance and Dorothy Depwe, 1986. It also includes new material on the Marshall historical cemetery on the property and the Marshall and Eanes family trees.

"The Marshall Tract is a remnant of one of many ranches and farms in the Eanes community. Almost all have been developed in one fashion or another.

Part of the Marshall Ranch is now on the other side of Loop 360 where the ranch house was placed after the development of Lost Creek. It's original location was on the land now known as The Point, at the intersection of Lost Creek Blvd and Loop 360. It had a spring on it, now on the East side of Loop 360. This spring fed what was known at the time as Smith Creek and is often called Dry Creek now. People occasionally mistake Smith Creek for Eanes Creek which is farther West. The creek runs East past The Hills and Eanes Elementary School and eventually enters Lake Austin. It has two hills on it, one at 1,003 feet, is the highest point in Lost Creek and one of the highest points in Travis County. The other hill is only slightly lower and is to the east of the higher hill. At its peak is a historical cemetery. It is rocky with little soil (hardscrabble) and is populated with a majority of cedar trees, oaks with other deciduous trees. The outcroppings and rocks are limestone."

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