Saturday, August 30, 2014

What Is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is intended for large or complex developments under unified control planned as a single continuous project, to allow single or multi-use projects within its boundaries and provide greater design flexibility for development proposed within the PUD. Use of a PUD district should result in development superior to that which would occur using conventional zoning regulations. PUD zoning is appropriate if the PUD enhances preservation of the natural environment; encourages high quality and innovative design and ensures adequate public facilities and services for development within the PUD.

The minimum size generally considered appropriate for a PUD is ten acres. Absent unique or special topographic constraints or other exceptional circumstances affecting the property, creation of a PUD is not justified for development of tracts of less than ten acres since conventional zoning regulations should provide for adequate development. Please refer to Chapter 25-2, Division 5, (Subpart ASubpart BSubpart C,and Subpart D ).  You can also download the  PUD Ordinance document.

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