Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photographic Visualizations of Cousins Development of Marshall Tract

Jim Lear sent me a photographic visualization of one of the proposed building. The photograph was taken from Thaddeus Cove near the bottom of the hill looking north. I also took a photograph from Lost Creek Blvd looking north.

Jim sent this information with his merged image photograph:

  • The picture was taken at 30°16'52.9"N 97°49'38.3"W, +/- 16.4 feet.
  • The home under construction has studs on the third floor that I measured with a tape measure at 106”.
  • I estimated the distance to the Cousins building will be roughly 10/7 the distance to the home.
  • The distance between floors is 13.5’.
  • Scaling 150” of the Palisades floor by 7/10 because of the additional distance is 105”, almost exactly one stud from the home.
  • The stick in the picture is one home stud with the building scaled to one floor per stud.

I took a series of four overlapping photographs from Lost Creek Blvd looking north into the Marshall tract. I then used a program called Panorama Maker 6 to stitch the photographs together. I scaled a drawing of the buildings to the trees (estimating them to be 20 feet) and placed them in the approximate location of the proposed buildings.

Photographic visualizations are tricky. The camera's perspective is not the same as the eye and changes from lens to lens. Both of us have done as careful a visualization as we can given the tools we have.

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