Monday, November 3, 2014

Carbon Footprint

I estimated the carbon footprints for single family homes and the two large office buildings proposed for the site. I used averages provided by the two calculators I used for this zip code when available and national otherwise. If the Marshall Tract was developed under the current SF-2 zoning, approximately 74 homes could be built on the property meeting all the conditional overlays. Each home would generate about 109 tons of carbon dioxide a year, or 8,044 tons of carbon dioxide a year for all the homes. The two office buildings totally 373,000 square feet of office space would have to violate many zoning conditions to be built, and would generate 31,500 tons of carbon dioxide each year. The carbon footprint for the office buildings alone, not counting any other development of the land, would be 3.9 times that of single family homes.

These translate into global acres of average biological productivity to offset the carbon dioxide generated as 90,403 vs. 354,016 acres

The two carbon footprint calculators I used were:

  1. For homes, Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator
  2. For Office, The Green Office

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