Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zoning Specifications for Marshall Tract PUD

When a PUD is created, the zoning for the land is custom and does not necessarily conform to Austin's zoning classification. However, for communication purposes, a base zoning is identified. Cousins has chosen a General Office (GO) zoning as their base. Technically they are not asking for variances on the GO base, they are only using that as a structure for their custom zoning, and that will not fit into any standard classification. The characteristics of the custom zone will be embedded in the ordinance creating the PUD.

When Cousins filed their Development Assessment Application for a PUD, Cousins was asking for significant changes to the GO specifications.

The author states the PUD seeks GO zoning for the base district and proceeds to indicate all the City Code modifications to the proposed PUD District:

  • Maximum height 122 feet instead of 60 feet
  • A maximum of 50 feet of cut* instead of four feet of depth
  • A maximum of 35 feet of fill instead of four feet.
  • A maximum height of buildings of 120 feet more than 200 feet from Loop 360 instead of the Hill County Roadway ordinance of 40 feet.
  • An assertion for the Hill Country Roadway ordinance that the area is in a moderate intensity zone.
  • Instead of a Floor to Area (FAR) of 1:
    • 0. 5 for a building on property with a slope gradient of 15% or less
    • 0.25 for more than 15% but less than 25%
    • 0.2 for more than 25% but less than 35%
    • 0.1 for more than 35%
  • Can construct a roadway or driveway with a gradient of greater than 35% instead of not greater than 15%
  • Can construct a building or parking structure on a gradient of more than 35% instead of 25%
  • May provide for water diversion of up to two acres instead of 1 acre.

* This means they will take 50 feet off the tops of the two hills and probably fill in between them to create a level platform for their massive construction.

For more information on this Development Assessment Application, read Marshall PUD: Development Assessment Application.

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