Monday, November 10, 2014

Comparison of Trip Generations for Various Elements of the Marshall Tract

The data we have available to us from the Texas Department of Transportation for existing traffic is shown below:

The following is a list of estimates of average daily traffic counts generated by various elements:

  • 373,000 square feet of office space will generate 4,364 trips daily. This estimate was made using Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) tables. This seems low to me because Austin offices average 100 square feet per employee or for these two buildings, 3,730 people. With only two trips per day, 7,460 trips would be generated. All of this traffic would enter and exit through Las Cimas on to Loop 360. Loop 360 has 44,000 average daily traffic counts, so the two buildings would increase traffic on Loop 360 by between 10% and 17%.
  • 74 homes, according to ITE tables, would generate between 740 and 788 trips per day. All of this traffic would enter and exit on Lost Creek Blvd. increasing the existing 10,970 by 7%, and Loop 360 by 2%.
  • A 100 bed senior living center would generate 348 daily trips according to ITE tables on Lost Creek Blvd, or an increase of  3%. It would increase the traffic on Loop 360 by 0.8%.
  • I really don't have good data for a fire house without EMS. The best I could find was between 3 and 5 calls per day or 6 to 10 trips per day. This is not high from a traffic perspective, but is from a noise perspective, and getting the fire truck through gridlocked traffic on Lost Creek Blvd.

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