Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things We Don't Know Yet

There are two things that we know that we don't know about Cousins PUD. How many things should we know about that we don't know we need to know????

We don't know what the construction plan  is. How much will it annoy the neighborhood? Where's the construction traffic going to be routed? How much noise? How much dust and other pollutants?

All I can tell you is if they get what they've asked for, namely taking 50 feet off the top of the two hills and filling the space between, it's going to take some big equipment and I don't see how they will get that equipment in and out of the project through Las Cimas. Not my problem I guess unless they have to use Lost Creek Blvd.

How about equipment like this?
 OK, maybe I exaggerate. Something like this?
And, use of explosives?

It's going to be ugly, like strip mining on a smaller scale.

We don't know where the catchment is going. We know it's about 2 acres. The lowest spot on the Marshall Tract is in the south west corner. The square below in the left bottom area shows the relative size of the retention pond.
And, we don't know where the compressors, air handlers, and garbage collection equipment is going.

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